Being in love, funny thing isn’t it? Not only is it funny, but difficult. Especially when the two of you are complete opposites. But hey, opposites attract right? You, the bad boy, the troubled one, the one who just wants to make a point, has fallen for the sweet, innocent girl. No one understands how you two stay together, no one wants you together. But you try. Everyone has tried to stop it, especially her creep of an ex boyfriend who can’t seem to understand the meaning of no. 

Leaning down and picking up the key from under the “Welcome” mat, Justin walked into Selena’s house. He looked around the first floor level, saw no one, figured no one was home. That was until he heard the sound of an angel, his angel. A small smirk formed on his face as he slowly made his way up the staircase. Making it into the hallway, Justin leaned against the wall and slid along it until he was at her door. He peaked his head through the door just to see what she was doing, but he didn’t make it obvious he was in there. 

She was recording from her webcam recording a youtube vlog, he guessed. “She is just talking to her computer screen, what else would she be doing? Unless she has gone insane..” His train of thought went way of the tracks. Shaking his head, Justin slid himself into her room, then wrapped his arms around her chest. “Hey beautiful.” He whispered before pulling back and sitting down on the edge of her bed. She jumped when she felt his touch. Spinning her chair around she didn’t notice anything else besides the purple coloring surrounding his eye.

Selena: What is that?

Justin: Oh this? Fight. 

He pointed to his eye and shrugged his shoulders. The last thing he wanted was for her to be disapointed in him. But all the haters, so many people trying to break them up, he just snapped. Selena sighed and sported a small pout. 

Selena: Don’t tell me..

Justin smirked and nodded his head. He leaned back on her bed, leaning up on his forearms.

Justin: “Yeah, Taylor (Lautner) and I got into a bit of a rumble.” 

Selena wasn’t happy. She folded her arms and turned away from him.

Justin: Hey, Sel! Come on. I know I told you I would stop with the fighting, and I have! You know I have! I wouldn’t have started anything if he didn’t purposely come to find me to open his mouth and say things like “She doesn’t really like you. She’s using you.” You know what that did to me? It broke me up inside but I didn’t want to show that I was weak. I said some things and he threw one at me. I’m not good at dodging. I didn’t swing back, well. I didn’t swing back twice. I walked away, Chaz told me to. So I did. I walked away, for you. He’s a jerk. He said that he was better for you…

Justin leaned forward, grabbing the bottom of her chair and spinning her back around so she was facing him. He slid his fingers under her chin, lifted it up, and smiled softly at her.

Justin: But hey, look who has the girl. 

He widened his eyes, and flashed one of his famous smirks to get her to forgive him. Selena’s pout transformed into a smile. 

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